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Gilly's BBQ I Food Truck and Catering | Springfield, IL

Amazing Testimonials from Our Customers

“The best barbecue around! We have had the ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. The pulled pork is my absolute favorite. It doesn't need one drop of sauce – it’s seasoned and smoked to perfection!


The last time we were at a barbecue restaurant I had the pork and I told my husband, ‘This place has nothing on Gilly’s BBQ. Gilly’s is way better, hands down!’ Once you taste it, it’s easy to see why it’s championship barbecue!”


– Michele Kilduff, Taylorville, IL  

Melt-in-your-mouth flavor

“I have had the opportunity to sample Gilly's BBQ ribs, brisket, pulled pork, and baked beans. It’s all delicious! The BBQ just melts in your mouth, and those baked beans are like nothing I have ever had before. Excellent!”


– Janice Bruns, Hillsboro, IL

“Without a doubt the best BBQ around! We have lived in Chicago, St Louis, and Atlanta and found the best barbecue those areas had to offer. Gilly’s tops them all, hands down! You can’t go wrong!”


– Brian Wilson, Edwardsville, IL

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Amazing, tender barbecue

“We love everything that Gilly cooks. The ribs are moist and tender with an exceptional sauce. Brisket is so tender and juicy, it melts in your mouth!


You can't beat any of his entrées! He has always been a wonderful cook. All the awards he wins justifies that! Just awesome food!”


– JoEllen Bazat, Columbia, MO

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Best ingredients get the best results

“Gilly obviously uses the best choice cuts of meat to start with…his special touch (sauces, rubs, seasonings, etc.) are the ‘icing’ on the cake, so to speak….


And the side dishes, beans, and the like keep the flavors flowing. If pulled pork is your thing, Gilly’s is good stuff. Beef brisket (my favorite), mmmmhmmmm!


Ribs? Now my wife absolutely drools every time I tell her I have Gilly’s ribs to bring home. WOW! It’s not even 8:00 AM and I’m already thinking of Gilly’s Championship BBQ for lunch!”


– Randall Kesselring, Ashland, IL

“Me and my hubby tried Gilly's BBQ. I have to say it was the BEST pulled pork, beef brisket, and ribs we have ever tasted!


Everything was delicious! It was all so moist and tender, and the flavor was AWESOME! So happy that we have found exactly what we have been looking for, right here in Taylorville!


Thank you for satisfying our cravings for authentic smoked barbecue!”


– Lori Wattelet Oyler, Taylorville, IL

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